Harry Potter Wands

One thing you must know about me I love all things Harry Potter! so needless to say I made not 1 but 19 wands.

To make the Harry Potter wands you will need chopsticks from a $2 store, hot glue, odd buttons, spare jewelry nic nacs, paint and PVA glue:

  • Layer the hot glue in fashion you desire
  • Do the same with the odd buttons and spare jewelry nic nacs
  • Paint the wand in dark acrylic paint
  • (optional) Use PVA glue to coat the wand for a light sheen

Have fun!



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3 Responses to “Harry Potter Wands”

  1. Sandie Says:

    Really Cool!

  2. 5 Movie Items That I Want | A Mind of My Own Says:

    […] Harry Potter Wands Chopsticks – Might as well make those wands useful, right? I’m very sure this DIY version works. Now, to find those spare chopsticks that are lying around. […]

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