Chair Makeover

I often get bored with my living spaces. This leads to forever refurnishing and repainting beloved items. Take for example this chair:

I brought it for $5 in this sad state at my local Vinnies. I gave the chair it first make over in early 2011. But I took a short cut and didn’t bother reupholstering the chair and it was rock solid. BIG MISTAKE! Especially with all the sewing I was doing at the time. Here is how it turned out:

I was happy with it at the time. But as I moved everything around and new additions were brought into the house it became very boring. Oddly enough I thought it would be great to use rub’n’buff to make the chair gold. What was i thinking:

ew… It’s so patchy!

It soon became to hard too look at the chair, it was so ugly. Enough was enough. Before I started to spray the chair, I propped it up on two pieces of wood so I could reach everywhere with the paint. I brought some gold spray paint and sprayed away until I got this:

Looking good!

I used some polyester wadding, patterned cotton fabric and hot glue to reupholster the seat, which magically pops out. Yay! this makes the project a lot easier!

First I removed the old (ancient!) seat covering.

To get the new padding just right I cut two layers of the wadding to the same size of the seat, and one layer just big enough to be wrapped around to the bottom of the seat.

I used hot glue to fix the larger piece of wadding in place. I didn’t worry about fixing the smaller pieces onto the chair, the larger piece should keep that contained.

I cut the patterned fabric just a little bit bigger then the biggest piece of the wadding, folded over the edges of the fabric and hot glued it down also.

Put it all together and voila!

A completely new chair!


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