Scarf Watch

My favourite new accessory is my Scarf Watch! I saw these for sale for $25 a pop at the Queen Victoria Night Markets , I immediately saw their potential for a very easy DIY tutorial.

I began my search for the perfect watch face on eBay. I found this one online for AUD$2.99! Bargain!

And this scarf for AUD$2 during the Post-Christmas sales.

To make the scarf all you need to do is detach the wrist band from the watch. The watch I brought came with a silicon band so I just used scissors to remove it.

All you need to do now is thread the scarf through the remaining bars on the watch.

Wrap the scarf around your hand, tie the scarf, cut to size, overlook the hem and tuck the scarf under the wrapped part of the scarf.

And voila!

So there you have it! a Scarf Watch for less than $5!

Have fun crafting!



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2 Responses to “Scarf Watch”

  1. Alela Sirah Says:

    What a cute watch DIY I did something similar a few months back! It looks so chic!

    • ljmulcahy Says:

      Thanks Alela! I just checked out your blog and I absolutely love that DIY feather Ornament! I wish I saw that before Christmas!

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