About Me

Hi lovelies I’m Laura the over excited owner of this DIY & Craft blog.

First thing that you need to know about me is that I’m cheap! Not in the sence that I’m a cheapskate but closer to the thrifty type of cheap. I live in Melbourne, Australia and must say I hate our weather mood swings! I’m currently in my first official Human Resources job after completing my Degree but as you may have assumed already my real passion is getting my craft on!

I am obsessed with all things Harry Potter and this will, from time to time, be represented in my posts!

I obtain most of my inspiration from Pinterest these days (You can find me here)! Whoever came up with the concept of Pinterest is a genius, it is so convenient having limitless ideas staring you in the face as soon as you log on!

While I am determined to bring you as many DIY projects as I can, I will be running a one post a week minimum.

I am also in the stages of bringing you better quality and higher resolution photos. At the moment I’m using my iPhone. It’s kinda sad that my phone takes better photos than my digital camera but I am learning better photography techniques as I go.

Have fun!



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