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MIMCO Inspired Handbag Makeover

March 4, 2012

It’s a little known secret that my favourite brand for handbags and accessories is MIMCO. The bad thing about this obsession is the price tag that is associated. I have previously posted my DIYs of MIMCO inspired Tassel Earrings and the matching Necklace which I often myself making excuses to wear every weekend.

Today I will show you how to add distressed gold onto bags just like this gorgeous Tote from MIMCO which retails for AUD$699:

You will need:

A bag, I chose a satchel bag from Kmart for AUD$19, gold leaf, leafing glue, two paint brushes, tissue paper and clear acrylic spray paint.

First things first. You will need to prepare the surface by wiping it down with a clean damp cloth. This will remove any dust and will ensure the glue adheres to the surface of the bag properly. After doing this use a paint brush to roughly paint on the leafing glue onto the chosen surface:

Let the glue get tacky for 25 minutes, this will make the gold leaf stick to the glue better.

Be careful when handling the gold leaf as it can and will break very easily. If you can eliminate any open windows or doors this will help during handling. I used 4 squares of gold leaf to cover the entire surface of the bag.

The video below shows how to use tissue paper to press the gold leaf into the glue and how to use your fingernail to roughly and randomly distress your leaf.

Next you will need to use the second paint brush to brush off any excess gold leaf and create further distressing.

Lastly use clear acrylic spray paint to create a lasting sheen and to seal surface.


My new weekend bag!


Handbag Makeover – Sad to Fab

February 12, 2012

I recently acquired a $30 voucher for a shoe store, but wasn’t in the mood for new shoes (shock horror). I opted for a handbag instead. After the $30 discount I got this handbag for only $9.95! Can you say bargain?

It is an okay handbag but I feel that’s a bit too plain but for $9.95 I couldn’t really complain. I thought this bag would be perfect for a sad to fab makeover.

First I started out with some gold bag chain and jump rings.

Using pliers open a jump ring to capture the chain.

To determine the best length of the chain I stuffed the bag with some clothes to hold it upright. Once I determined the length of the chain I used the pliers to unlink and then attach it to the jump ring on the other side.

I then attached the second chain to both jump rings.

And then a third.

I love how a few strands of chain can transform a handbag. I will most likely add some charms but for now this will do.

Chair Makeover

January 8, 2012

I often get bored with my living spaces. This leads to forever refurnishing and repainting beloved items. Take for example this chair:

I brought it for $5 in this sad state at my local Vinnies. I gave the chair it first make over in early 2011. But I took a short cut and didn’t bother reupholstering the chair and it was rock solid. BIG MISTAKE! Especially with all the sewing I was doing at the time. Here is how it turned out:

I was happy with it at the time. But as I moved everything around and new additions were brought into the house it became very boring. Oddly enough I thought it would be great to use rub’n’buff to make the chair gold. What was i thinking:

ew… It’s so patchy!

It soon became to hard too look at the chair, it was so ugly. Enough was enough. Before I started to spray the chair, I propped it up on two pieces of wood so I could reach everywhere with the paint. I brought some gold spray paint and sprayed away until I got this:

Looking good!

I used some polyester wadding, patterned cotton fabric and hot glue to reupholster the seat, which magically pops out. Yay! this makes the project a lot easier!

First I removed the old (ancient!) seat covering.

To get the new padding just right I cut two layers of the wadding to the same size of the seat, and one layer just big enough to be wrapped around to the bottom of the seat.

I used hot glue to fix the larger piece of wadding in place. I didn’t worry about fixing the smaller pieces onto the chair, the larger piece should keep that contained.

I cut the patterned fabric just a little bit bigger then the biggest piece of the wadding, folded over the edges of the fabric and hot glued it down also.

Put it all together and voila!

A completely new chair!

Gold & White Tray

December 31, 2011

Unfortunately for this project I don’t have a before shot, but the results speak for themselves.

I found an old plastic green tray in my Mum’s linen cupboard, stored away for who knows how long!

I gave the tray a quick wash to make sure the surface was very clean. I gave the tray an even coverage of white paint on both side. After this had dried and set I used masking tape to create the diagonal pattern and sprayed it evenly with gold paint.

And viola!

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

I use this tray to display my jewelry and to house my Jewelry Tree, as seen here.

Have fun!


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